How Social Distancing will produce more productive workers in 2020....and beyond!

30 April 2020

Whether you believe social distancing works or not, it will help workers be more productive for the duration of this year then the start of the year. How so you ask? With eliminating counter-productive staples in the the workplace:

1. Eliminating Stupid Meetings:
With studies abound revealing how meetings are hated by the majority of employees that attend, social distancing can help. With more workers now transitioning to working from home, there will be a less likely rationale to drag people into meetings. Individuals can spend up to 2 hours or their 8 hour day in useless meetings. Social distancing can eliminate that.

2. Removing Workplace Distractions:
Have you ever got stuck listening to a chatty co-workers at the office? I have and I am sure you have too, but, by working from home, this distraction is just not there. Even if you work for an organization that will set parameters around social distancing like plexiglass at a checkout lane, the ease to wander and chat when it is safe to do so is eliminated.

3. Reduced Commuting:
Stuides have shown that the most stressful part of anyone's work day is the commute to and from work. So, by allowing employees to work from home, eliminating the most stressful component to the work day plus creating a quieter workplace, this will result in happier workers. This in turn, will also mean that your employee will be more engaged in the task at hand thus bringing the best out of them, each and every day.

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