Times When You Do Not Need to Be Nice at Work

26 June 2019

We were all raised to be nice to everyone, especially at work, and while that is the way to behave, there comes a time when you need to understand that by being too nice, you become a doormat and that is never good. That is why there are exceptions to every rule and that is no different when it comes to your working environment. Here are some examples of exceptions:

1. When you see a colleague doing something wrong:
A colleague may be stealing or harassing a co-worker. When you see things like this, take action, do not be nice and eliminate this type of behaviour.

2. When You Need to Highlight the Facts
You have tried stating the facts nicely. But, for some reason, you are not getting your point across. Be more assertive to be heard and respected.

3. Be Honest
Do not keep your mouth shut when you notice an error on a document that needs to be addressed. Point it out and see how you will be respected for it.

We are all conditioned to think it is better to be nice at work; however, there are situations when you will need to be assertive and not so nice.

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