How To Move Forward When Suffering a Setback

29 Aug 2019

Setbacks and hardships are going to happen, how you respond to each can make or break you, choice it yours. Everyone experiences setbacks in life and their careers. Things that can be deemed small things from not find a parking spot at work when you are late to bigger things just as being laid off at work.

Setbacks will throw us off but it is how you handle them that has the greater impact. Some are resilient and just pick up and move on. While others find it hard to let go. Whatever the case, how can we learn from this?

Below are some ways of getting past the hardship and moving on with your life:

1. Failure is part of learning and growing:
You will face adversity, so accept that failures and setbacks will happen. Nobody wants to fail, but to think you will not fail is unrealistic. Take responsibility for what caused failure so you can learn from it.

2. Try taking a break.
Change things up. try doing something fun, go outdoors, take a walk and give your mind a break. We should all have hobbies and escapes to remain healthy.

3. Reflect with a trusted mentor in your corner.
When you have experienced failure, turn to a trusted mentor for guidance and honest feedback. A good mentor will provide you with constructive feedback and they will most likely let you vent while providing the support and encouragement you need to take positive steps forward.

So keep in mind that by persevering through setbacks, it will allow you – and your company to grow.

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