Some Signs Your Fear of Failure
May Be Holding You Back

01 Oct 2023

What do you think is holding you back to doing things you want to do? Probably one word...FEAR! Sadly, you are not alone so this is nothing to be ashamed of. The fear of failure is common, especially in the business world for new entrepreneurs. And with all that 2020 has dished out there is more fear than ever swirling around. Businesses are closing, people are being laid off, so fear to start a new business is totally justifiable.

But here is the truth: will not admit their fear to themselves or people around them. So it is excuses that are what people resort to when asked when and why not. It is easy to conform to the corner safe space or comfort zone, believing that you would be better off working your job than embrace a new business challenge.

So here are a few sign fear is holding you back – so you can accept it and then be true to yourself:

1. Hesitating to try new things:
If this is you always reluctant to try anything "new" then make it your goal to try it by saying “YES” the next time someone asks or invites you to try something new.

2. You are settling for less than you deserve:
If this sounds like you, take a step back and take notice of your choices in your life. Look at your job, your relationships and current situations. Try focusing on the good that could come from taking on your fears and make a change and take a step forward.

3. You stubbornly believe you are not afraid of anything:
If this sounds like you, I guarantee you have felt afraid from time to time. And it has most likely influenced decisions you have made. So by denying your fear, it does not make it go away. So try taking control of your fear and bury it away to give you more power over your life.

So, whenever you have failed, you may feel like you are a failure. That is the first step, realizing that you are not a failure, one fail does not define you. Your response to that failure defines you. Set your narrative today!

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