Entrepreneurs and Interns Have More In Common Than You Think

01 March 2020

An entrepreneur may walk into an interview for financing with a VC and take a seat in the board room in front of individuals that may change your life, so that feeling of unfamiliarity is to be expected. It may feel tougher than trying to pass your post-secondary exams all together. It may also be a whirlwind of many ups and downs, trial and error and much more. This is what an intern will experience upon their first day on the job.

And that is why, internships are, in many ways, similar to startups for entrepreneurs, It is that feeling of nerves and feeling overwhelmed in pressure situations. How so, here is how:

Rather than choosing to be a little fish in a big pond, both interns and entrepreneurs decide to make their own ponds. Another fair comparison is how an intern can bring something to the table that is totally fresh and unique, exactly what an entrepreneur must do in order to stand out and succeed. While a regular employee has been conditioned to see and work a certain way, an intern does not. Similarly, an entrepreneur will address a challenge within the market that a blue-chip organization may fail to recognize and deliver on.

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