3 Ways to Be Productive in These Trying Times

15 March 2020

Unfortunately, many people sadly, have not slept well these last few weeks. With the news only reporting on the negatives surrounding the world today and the number of coronavirus cases constantly increasing, the reach is spreading globally, and with it, causing massive hysteria.

So then, how is it possible to experience some normalcy and sanity in these trying times? Here are some mindset exercises:

1. Do what you have been advised and let everything come to you:
Fear creates the need to be in control and with so much uncertainty, that leads to stress. So by letting go of this we accept the spread of the coronavirus is out of our control and we feel a bit more at peace.

2. Stay in the present:
Even in the best of times we tend to mind wander. That is just human nature, getting lost in our own thoughts about the past or the future. And in moments of crisis, this becomes worse because when the past was great, something that may not be the case right now, anxiety intensifies. So for now, try not to drift too much simply to forget about your need to take care and get through this. And we will all get through this.

3. Accept reality for what it is:
As you hear experts talking about this coronavirus many leaders keep grapple with the notion that this should not be happening right now. But right now, whether we want to accept it or not, this is happening so we need to accept and do what we all need to do to make things better, sooner rather than later. Because with more resistance, there is more suffering and with less resistance, there is less suffering.

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